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The Patriot

Patriot Boat

The Patriot offers a cold galley with sandwiches, chips, sodas, beer, and snacks available for purchase.

Sea Angler

Sea Angler


Sportfishing Trips

We specialize in rockcod fishing during open season, April 1st through December 31st.
Our 8-hour 3/4 Day trips usually fish the local reefs, or Pt. Sal in waters 60'-240'.
Our 10-hour All Day trips fish from Pt. Purisima to Pt. Buchon in depths of 60'-240'.
Our 5-hour 1/2 Day trips fish the local reefs off Port San Luis and Shell Beach.

We have not increased any of our prices for 2015. However, we will be adding the 6% fee charged to us by the Port San Luis Harbor District.

We have also adjusted our Child rates for the rockcod trips. Now the ages that qualify for the child rate are 15 and younger, instead of 12. Basically, if they are not required to have a fishing license then they can go at the child rate. There is no minimum age, but all passengers on our boat must weigh a minimum of 45 pounds per Coast Guard regulations.

Kids Fish Free Days is still for children 12 and under.

We will continue our popular 'Crab Combo' trips in 2015.
January 1st - March 31st are 6 hour. 'Crab n Dab' trips. We pull the pots and all anglers get an equal share the crab, then fish for Sand Dabs.
April 4th begins the 2015 Salmon Season. We troll for salmon, 16 anglers max. Some 8 hr. 3/4 day 'Salmon n Crab' trips may be scheduled in April.
April 1st - December 31st are our Rockcod trips
April 1st - June 30th and November - December we will run 8 hour 3/4 day 'Rock n Crab' trips one or two days a week.

Albacore trips are scheduled when the fish show up, generally late summer - early fall.

2015 is expected to be great year for Rock Cod fishing. Our season will be April 1st - December 31st, the depth restriction for rockcod is out to 240 ft. We will be fishing from Pt. Buchon to Pt. Purisima. Captains and Crew members are anticipating another good year for Rockcod fishing. 2014 was the best year for Lingcod in a long time, we caught 5,269 legal lings. That was an improvement of 72% over the 3,796 we caught in 2013!


Long Range Rockcod

We are not running any overnight or two day trips at this time.


Albacore Trips

Price for the trip will be determined when, or if, the fish show up..


Salmon Fishing

2015 Salmon season is scheduled to open April 4th
Salmon trips are 8 hour 3/4 day
16 anglers maximum troll for salmon. The 'Salmon n Crab' trips are also limited load of 16 anglers..
There are fish out there! Quite a few short ones that need to be released but enough legal size to keep it interesting.

Prices for Rockcod Trips

8 hour 3/4 Day Rockcod

$68 adult
$50 child (15 & under)
5 hour Half Day Rockcod

$52 adult
$40 child (15 & under)
Check out 'KIDS FISH FREE' 1/2 Day special.
Kids 12 and under a free boat ticket with one adult FULL PRICE ticket purchase.
10 hour All Day Rockcod

$82 adult
$60 child (15 & under)
Additional Costs
Rockcod Rod rental $10.00, One day license  $15.12, Annual license is $47.01. Rockcod set up w/ 1 lb weight $6.00 +tax
Fish filleting and gunnysacks available on the boat. The Crew happily accepts gratuities.
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